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About Us

Our Values:

ABC Therapies of Florida conducts business as a cost effective provider of therapy service in our region while maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow. We are committed to creating value for our customers and strive with passion for results as we provide services to exceed our therapy goals for the individuals that we treat. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers by honoring our commitments, providing results, and remain persistent for the high quality care.


Our Company History:

ABC Therapies of Florida is a communication and academic therapy clinic located in Winter Springs, Florida.  A state licensed and nationally certified Speech-Language Pathologist with a Masters Degree in Communication Disorders implements the assessment, planning, development, and treatment.  A comprehensive speech and/or language assessment is conducted to determine an initial need for treatment. 

Skills assessed include, but are not limited to:  articulation, fluency, receptive/expressive language (listening comprehension, following directions, grammar, vocabulary, and word order), cognition (memory, problem-solving, judgment and reasoning) and academic skills (reading, spelling, writing and reading comprehension).  A case history and consultation is completed with the client or caregivers.

Following assessment, an individualized plan of care is established.  Caregivers are encouraged to participate in the treatment process.  Emphasis is placed on the strengths and challenges of each individual to provide the maximum benefit in treatment. Consideration is made for each individual's strengths, deficits, learning styles and behavioral needs.  Educational or vocationally relevant therapy is provided within the contexts of language-based skills, such as reading, writing and comprehension.

Services are primarily provided in our private clinic; however, based on your needs, we may provide therapy in the school setting. 


Meet Our Therapists:


Cheryl E Townsend MA CCC-SLP

Cheryl E. Townsend, MA CCC-SLP

Cheryl E. Townsend MA CCC-SLP

Cheryl received both her undergraduate and Magna Cum Laude graduate degrees in Communicative Disorders from The University of Central Florida in 2002.  She is a member of Golden Key National Honor Society and FLASHA (Florida Speech-Language-Hearing Association).   Also, she is nationally certified with her CCC (Certificate of Clinical Competence) through ASHA, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and licensed in the State of Florida as a Speech Language Pathologist.  While completing her graduate studies, Cheryl worked as a pediatric home health facilitator specializing in behavioral modification, academic tutoring and communication skills.  She was awarded “Facilitator of the Year” in 1999.  After graduation, Cheryl began her clinical experience working with the adult in-patient brain-injured population but shortly thereafter followed her love of pediatrics during her clinical fellowship year, which ultimately led her to her dream of opening her own clinic.  Cheryl opened ABC Therapies as a sole proprietor in 2005.  Her specialized training includes autism, attention deficits, auditory processing disorders, language and learning disabilities, developmental delays, articulation disorders, and apraxia.   She enjoys working with children and their families to bridge the gap between their individual deficits and their strengths. Cheryl has been married for 18 years and has a beautiful 2-year old daughter that they adopted from China in 2011. In her spare time she enjoys yoga, reading, painting, and traveling.  


Getting Started:

We recommend that all of our clients call their insurance companies and verify the coverage for speech-language therapy and related services. It is important to know the coverage limits for such services, the number of allowable visits per calendar year, co pays, and deductibles. Additionally, ABC Therapies will verify your insurance plan through the billing agent before services are provided.   Currently we accept Blue-Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Healthy Kids, Medicaid, Medipass, and Children's Medical Services.  For private pay patients, we also offer an affordable sliding scale discount based on your family's income level. This is discussed during the initial consultation with the therapist with the completed client history forms. (Located under the Resources tab above)


We are ready to serve your needs with during and after school hours Monday through Friday. Call for a free speech-language screening.